• The Rosary begins on the pendant with prayers of invocation, intercession and praise of the Triune God.
  • Each Mystery begins with a short theme and reflection followed by 10 ‘Our Father’s and ends with 1 ‘Glory be to the Father’ using the prayer beads.
  • The rosary ends with a concluding prayer to the Heavenly Father for the well-being of all.

Concluding Prayer

                Heavenly Father, we acknowledge Your greatness and goodness. You sent Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be our model and Savior. You sent the Holy Spirit to continue the work of Your Son. We thank You for all Your gifts.Let all people proclaim Your tender love and divine mercy. Loving Father, grant all your children the grace to love and live as one Family on earth. In Your mercy deliver us from evil and lead us all into Your heavenly kingdom. Amen

  Days for celebrating each set of mysteries:

                        Mysteries of Creation:                     Mondays & Thursdays

                        Mysteries of Redemption:              Tuesdays & Fridays, Sundays*

                        Mysteries of Sanctification:           Wednesdays & Saturdays

      *However, any set of mysteries may be chosen for Sundays depending on the need of the occasion and the liturgical season of the year.