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Transforming power of the Our Father Rosary

The Our Father Rosary arises from the Sacred Scriptures as exposed in the teaching of the Church. The short phrases for contemplation at each decade and the repeated invocation of God our Father help the devotee to imbibe the spirit of the Father and to translate it into life. The recitation of Our Father Rosary offers the possibility of bringing to blossom the invisible presence and unseen action of God the Father in every human being.[1] God in His infinite mercy and compassion reaches out to all humans, especially the sinners and the rebels. The Rosary will invite God the Father to intervene in their life and to set right all that is needed for the coming of the Reign of God. God will generate in them a power source of faith and will work signs and miracles in their life. This prayer will help to heal and cure oneself and others of ailments and to solve the problems of life. It possesses an inherent divine power to deliver the humans from every evil. The Spirit of the Father and the Son will fill the life of the devotees to transform them physically, mentally and socially so as to become befitting persons of His reign.

Message of Most Rev. LEO CORNELIO SVD, Archbishop of Bhopal

               It gives me great pleasure to note that Fr Abraham and Fr Jose are publishing a booklet of repetitive prayer named – ‘The Our Father Rosary’. It is a prayer model which is, in fact, more ancient than even the Rosary of Blessed Virgin Mary.

The purpose of every vocal prayer, especially the repetitive one, is to help one to be more centered and come closer to God and thus cultivate a closer relation with our brothers and sisters. ‘The Our Father Rosary’ can be a very strong help and appropriate means in this regard, as it meditates on the mysteries of Creation, Redemption, and Sanctification wherein the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are honoured and glorified. 'The Our Father Rosary’ I feel, is also very relevant in the present context of ecology, ecumenism and multi-religiosity of our time.

I invoke God’s choicest blessings on Fr Abraham and Fr Jose and on their laudable attempt to revive a prayer model which is so ancient and yet somehow remained not so known. May this booklet help many to reflect and delve into the deeper mysteries of the Blessed Trinity and build thereby greater love and unity among humans.

With my blessings, 

+LEO CORNELIO, SVD, Archbishop of Bhopal

February 25, 2012 
(Archbishop's House, 33 Ahmedabad Palace Road, Bhopal - 462001 (M P) INDIA)